Supporting the work of
King’s Mill Hospital Neonatal Unit, Mansfield

About the Foundation

Why the Charity was formed

As Emily’s parents, we believe that we were very blessed to spend the short time with Emily that we did. Many people during her life and after she had died told us what an inspiration she had been with her determination and her spirit.

We knew then that we had the opportunity to keep her memory and name living on; to inspire others and to repay some of the wonderful care that we as a family received from the King’s Mill Neonatal Unit.

Foundation Manager

  • Clare Harris


  • Neil Harris

The Trustees

  • Ken Daly – Chair of Trustees
  • Martin Dillon – Trustee
  • Clare Lund – Trustee
  • Daniella Coles – Trustee

The aims of the Charity

These aims arose from conversations with senior staff members within the unit and personal experiences of having a baby receiving care on a Neonatal unit and within other hospital settings.

1) To provide financial support for King’s Mill Hospital Neonatal unit staff members, who wish to undertake further training and where the funding is not able to be supported by the NHS.

By supporting the professional development and training of staff, a long term benefit will be received by all babies who are, and will be, cared for on the unit. E.g. Funding modules as part of a specific Neonatal intensive care training qualification.

2) To provide financial relief, in cases of hardship, for families with babies receiving care on the King’s Mill Hospital Neonatal unit. E.g. Funding transport costs for parents who are unable to meet the costs of daily visits to be with their baby, providing meal vouchers, providing Welcome Packs with initial essentials upon arrival, contributing to the comfort of the Parents Flats.

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