Supporting the work of
King’s Mill Hospital Neonatal Unit, Mansfield

Use of Funds

Welcome Packs

One of the main requests by the nurses was a few essentials to be given to parents upon their baby’s arrival on the unit. The packs include a pack of nappies; a pack of bibs in pink/blue; a fleece blanket in pink/blue; some cotton wool balls, a scented heart and a diary for parents to complete.

Not only do these packs provide the essentials, but the nurses also say it is a positive thing to be able to give something to families to welcome them onto the unit.

Hardship Fund

The charity provides emergency funds, where necessary, for those who are in need due to their baby being on the unit.

Kings Mill Farm Vouchers

The charity provides a £15 meal voucher for families who have been on the unit for a period of time. This helps them just to have a break from the close confines of the unit and to have a bit of time for themselves.

Bus Vouchers

The charity provides bus vouchers to families travelling to the hospital by bus.

Counselling Provision

The charity pays for a qualified counsellor to attend the unit on a weekly basis.  Paula is available every Thursday from 12-2pm but can arrange to see parents at different times if needed.  If you are currently a parent on the unit and would benefit from this support, please let one of the staff know or drop us a message and we will get Paula to contact you.

Games/Activities for siblings

The charity has provided a selection of games and activities to be used by older siblings who may be visiting the unit. We also now provide Sibling Bags at the side of cots to keep younger siblings entertained!

Spice of Life Vouchers

We now have a link with the hospital restaurant and are able to offer vouchers to parents to obtain a meal on site.

Staff Training

The charity funds places on training courses / conferences that the NHS is unable to fund.

Amongst other things, the charity has funded places on the national neonatal conference; several staff have attended an event run by the local Coroner in relation to record keeping and we have part funded the dissertation module of a degree for one of the nurses.

Staff Library

The charity has updated the reference books for the staff on the unit and are paying for a subscription to a relevant journal to ensure that staff are up to date with the latest issues in neonatal care. We also provide each member of nursing staff with a Neonatology reference book.

Major Projects

Following the success of supporting the staff in their research of Kangaroo care. We funded a 6 month trial of Donor Breast Milk. This was so successful that the hospital trust has continued to fund the use of Donor Breast Milk upon completion of the trial and the uptake from parents has been significant.  We are currently looking to refurbish the playroom on the unit to be used by siblings visiting.