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World Cup Competition

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If any of you have been supporting us for some time, you may remember that for the past 2 Football World Cups, we have run a competition to raise a few pounds for the Charity and to add a bit more interest to the football (especially if you are not a fan!!).  You do not need to have any knowledge of football to enter – all you will need is contained on the sheet!  Basically, you just have to predict which teams will progress through the various stages and have a guess at a few more questions!  It costs £2 to enter and all completed entries will need to be returned to us by midnight on Wednesday 13th June.   There will be a small prize for the winner!

To request a sheet, please email us at and we will send one to you!  Payment can then be made via our PayPal Giving Page or with cash to any of the Trustees!

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