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Cake & Chat Challenge

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We have been feeling pretty useless over the past few weeks as we are limited with what we can do to support the neonatal unit during this time.  We are no longer allowed to go to the hospital at all and haven’t therefore been able to do Cake & Chat for over 4 weeks.  Clare has therefore decided to take on a challenge to run (on the treadmill in our garage!) for the same amount of time over the coming weeks that she would have spent doing Cake & Chat.  Clare started the challenge on 6th April when her target was 6 hours of running.  That target has now increased to 10 hours but in the first week and a half, Clare has accumulated 2 hours and 40 minutes of running so far!  The target will increase by 2 hours for every week we are unable to go to the hospital.  Clare will continue to run as often as she can, totalling up the time with the aim of having run the total number of hours we have missed (whatever that will end up being!) by the time we get back. 

If you would like to sponsor Clare, you can visit her Virgin Money Giving page here.

To follow her progress, check out her blog which will be updated after each run, here.

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