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Co-op Local Community Fund

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It has now been five months since we became one of the Co-op Local Community Fund projects and many Co-op members have chosen us to be their local cause.  Thank you to everyone who has done so – it really does make a difference even if you think you don’t spend much in the Co-op!  Every penny really does add up and we have currently raised almost £350!  If you are not a member or have not chosen us as your local cause, then it’s not too late!  Funds will continue to be raised for us until the end of October.  Membership costs £1 and means that when you buy any Co-op branded products, 1% of what you spend goes to a local cause (that’s us if you choose us!) and 5% comes back to you as money on your card that you can spend on anything in the Co-op store.  

To become a member and/or choose us as your local cause, please click here!  Also, please do spread the word and encourage family and friends to do the same!

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